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How the Best Travel Bags of 2017 Offer a Personal Touch

The journey—from a far-flung locale to a weekend trip at a nearby beach resort—often dictates the ideal carryall. Also, one’s tastes, whether it is a aluminum roller or leather duffle, plays an important factor. That said, the overriding attributes that distinguish the superior from the subpar are the following: durability, quality and style. Lately, a new characteristic has seeped its way into the fold: personalization. Because consumers are more likely to spend their hard-earned dollars on experiences rather than items, luxury brands are offering more than the standard models. Indeed, a Snap story of a Safari trip or Instagram post of a group sipping on mai tais at the beach tends to earn more “likes” than one’s latest fashion purchase. So, along with offering the aforementioned attributes, firms are now giving clients the capability to กระเป๋าสตางค์ผู้หญิง lyn monogram their bags, request certain colors, link it up with iPhone apps and add patches and other adornments that set theirs apart from the rest. If anything, its makes spotting luggage at baggage claim so much easier—and a selfie that much more eye-catching. Looking for the best travel bag this summer? Check out these options from brands that let you customize your carryall. This year, the famed French luggage manufacturer (and all-around fashion force) had introduced a new personalization program called My LV World Tour .

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